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Types of Garden Planters – Great Plant Pot Ideas

Vintage Plant pots For Decking Rails

Decking rail planter are a great way to add a touch of colour to your railings and balconies, these are unique containers and can be used all year round

You wish to add some colour and style to your limited outdoor space, then try garden rail planters on for size. This is an extremely beautiful way to add colour and style to your balcony. There are a number of different style and unusual plant pots that you can purchase, you can simply buy for your style and swap your plant pots out at any time.

Great Advantages

These rail planters come in a massive variety of styles and colours. With these planters you can add any type of plenty you like, try plants that grow and hang down for an amazing effect on your balcony.  These planters simply attach to your rails with simple brackets that allow the planters to hang on the inside or outside of your balcony.

Heavy planters should be placed on a floor and not hung over the side of your rail.

The best feature of these planters is the space they will save and create for you, for those with no garden and you live in a flat then these planters really work well. you can even start a simple herb garden on your balcony or grow some vegetables.

These garden planters are very easy to maintain and are usually at standing height so there’s no need to bend over working on your unusual plant pots. Moving these plant pots allows you to change up your view and move your plant around easily. Watering is also very easy with rail planters, again there is no need to bend over to water the planters, just remember where the water is going to end up after you have watered the planters.
Types Of Planters

Balcony planters come in a variety of colours and sizes to cater to any need. The most common planter is rectangle ones which are simple and look good. They also come in many finishes and can really add style to your balcony.

You must make sure that the rails are sturdy enough to hold the unusual plant pots and the soil and the plants in them. and take into account the amount of plant pots you are going place on the rails. Take the wind into account when placing plant pots on the decking as you don’t want them to blow off the balcony to the ground below.

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Great Plant Pot Ideas

Plastic plant pots may be considered cheap flower pots but they offer allot of advantages, especially to amateur gardeners and those wishing to save a little money.
Great Advantages

unusual plant pots ideasPlastic plant pots are very durable then materials such as terracotta or stone, it won’t absorb water and it won’t rot like other makes, it doesn’t become brittle and it isn’t as susceptible to sunlight as other materials. Also look at some great garden ornaments

These plant pots are cheap and easily replaced if they are damaged or you fancy a simple change, they are much lighter and can be moved very easily to different locations. Even large plant pots can be very easily transported so size doesn’t matter with plastic plant pots.

you can also get some unusual plant pots made out of plastic which are great and can really add something special to your garden.  This gives you an advantage of form and function that you may not get from ore solid materials.

Plant Pot Types

Plastic plant pots comes in different shapes, sizes and designs as well as shapes. they can come in a variety of finishes that you don’t get with other materials, for example you can get authentic looking plastic plant pots that look like terracotta plant pots, this makes the unusual plant pot look great. these plant pots can have intricate patterns and designs upon them that you can’t get with other types of plant pots.

Other finishes include stone finish and wood type finish, these are very durable designs and can add a real focal point to the garden. Plastic plant pots also come in great hanging basket type designs and offer a good cheap plant pot design

Unique finishes on plant pots are more expensive then plain ones, however you can create textures and design on these plain plant pots to make them into very unusual plant pots and add some real style to your garden and home.

Where to Buy Plastic Plant Pots

These can be bought from pretty much and garden centre and you can get real bargains online and buy the plant pots in bulk if you need to . Some garden centres actually give these plastic plant pots away so you can actually get free plant pots for your garden.

Add a splash of colour to your plant pots and get vivid coloured plant pots just go for it and experiment with you plant pots and designs.

Dec 07

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